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With restrictions easing in the UK, many people are considering having a staycation and taking a short break in the UK. There are still restrictions on some types of accommodation, but self-catered is one of the first accommodations to open up to holidaymakers. 
Many people shy away from self-catered accommodation because they see their holidays as a time to relax and get away from everything they do at home. However a self-catered short break can be just as fun, if not more, than a break that is all inclusive. You can still dine in style in self-catering accommodation. 
Here are some great ways to dine in style whilst on a self-catering short break, including both eating in and eating out. 

Eat in style at your accommodation 

t might be tempting to book somewhere where you don’t have to worry about cooking but self-catering can be a lot of fun if you are keen to give it a go. Cooking might seem like such a chore, but cooking in a different kitchen to your own can be a really special experience. You might be used to a small, pokey, kitchen at home but have the chance to cook in a larger, more luxurious, kitchen whilst away – a much nicer experience for sure! 
Another great way to enjoy a self-catering short break has to be food preparation boxes. There are a number of different boxes to choose from – there are the big names, such as Hello Fresh and Gousto, but there are also some newer boxes to try. These would be great to take to self-catered accommodation as all of the ingredients and recipes are in one place. You do not need to worry about buying all of the different ingredients and you are even shown how to create the meal step by step. 
The kitchens in our holiday cottages come fully equipped with everything you could possibly need, including a food mixer if you require it. You can enjoy your food indoors, in front of the cosy log burning stove, or you could test out the BBQ outside on the enclosed patio. Don’t forget to enjoy the bottle of wine that is included in the price of the cottage! Wherever you choose to stay there should be ample kitchen space, and equipment, to cater for yourself. 
If you were feeling a little flush you might even consider a private chef! These aren’t cheap but can be a fun idea for short breaks away. If you truly want to relax without worrying about chores, a private chef could add a little bit of style to your evening. Some self-catered accommodations offer the possibility of hiring one through them, whilst in others you might have to contact the chef directly. However this is a fun and stylish way to enjoy your food whilst away. 
Check out the local area near your accommodation 
Our luxury holiday cottages are both situated in wonderful villages with plenty of amenities in the local area. With restrictions easing you will be able to dine in style at one of the two excellent country pubs located in the same village as Odd Cottage. There are some lovely eateries close to Hog Cottage for you to choose from too. 
No matter where you are staying there will definitely be some eateries that you will need to check out. Many will be offering outdoor dining with the hope of resuming dining indoors when restrictions allow. Why not enjoy your favourite meal without having to worry about cooking? 
Dine in style whilst out and abouts 
There are also some other ways you can dine in style when on a self-catered break. So many people mistakenly think that going on a self-catering short break means you have to cook all of your own meals – but that is not the case. It simply means that you are responsible for feeding yourselves – and this can easily be done by checking out the local eateries. 
There are many stately homes near to our properties at Blue Lagoon Holiday Cottages. With Chatsworth close by to Hog Cottage, and Blenheim Palace around forty minutes away from Odd Cottage, there are some lovely places you can visit and eat in style. 
With restrictions still in place some of the places to eat are only open for outdoor dining from the 12th of April. However these are a great option if you are wanting to dine in the style you are used to despite being away from home. There are also some lovely options for food to go, which means you can take in the sights of the garden and parkland at the same time. 
The stately homes close to our holiday cottages have beautiful gardens with plenty of space and sights to explore. There are plenty of places to eat around their grounds so packing up some delicious food to take with you to eat is another great idea. The Blenheim Palace gardens have plenty of picnic tables and space to eat your own food. 

Dine in style at our holiday cottages 

As mentioned previously, our kitchens come fully equipped with all the equipment you could possibly need to cater for yourselves. Basic kitchen provisions and fruit are included in the price of booking, but there are also wonderful shops close by to pick up food from. Fresh produce and fresh meat are easily accessible which means rustling up a decent meal or two is very easy. There are some really easy meals you can cook on a self-catering holiday
If you are considering a luxurious and fun self-catering break, don’t forget to check out Blue Lagoon Holiday Cottages. With two cottages – Hog Cottage in the Peak District and Odd Cottage in the Cotswolds - you are spoilt for choice of places to stay. Both are situated in fantastic areas, with amenities close by, and both are dog friendly too. We would be more than happy to accommodate you and hope you come to see us soon. 
Contact us on 07714 230118 or fill in our contact form to book your holiday in our dog-friendly cottages. 
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